Imprinting Jehovah

Lloyd Michael Lohr

Tuto báseň uvádíme originálním znění bez titulků. Najde se opět odvážný překladatel?

Our hands grow idle due to the storms of chaos raging,
so are minds go searching,
along the journey we stumble up the singularity,
the chance to walk upon the threshold of tomorrow,
discovering those ever illusive fingerprints of God,
sequenced remnants lingering from the first stages of life's inception.

In our hands we grasp the seeds of future worlds,
asteroid mining, space colonies and human cloning farms,
all fruit from the cornucopia of discovery,
for life's blueprints show us ancient images only now deciphered,
and from the deep remoteness of time they give up their secrets,
as the matrix of eternity unfolds before our eyes,

In the Mandelbrot pattern,
we have found the endless, cosmic nemeton,
immortality so close, yet illusive,
one step from Planck length, one leap into infinity only a breath away,
as the perpetual procession of the twelve tome sky wheel turns ever

** Amber Stories ver. 1.1 **