Here is some info about "Solid Oil Support", the best punk band I've ever heard before.  I saw them in Chicago last summer, and they put on a great show.  The music really rocks and their lyrics are pretty dismal and depressing.  They have three albums out right now and they are working on a fourth.  Their old stuff is kinda hard to find, but you can get their new album at almost any record store.   There isn't much stuff here right now, because I'm still working on this page.  If you want some more information, or if you have anything to add to this page, please send me a note.

Earth: The Deconstruction Derby

1989 Progressive Music Ltd.
J. Valdez, I. Morgan, H. Proter

1. Creation
2. Mankind 
3. First Sin
4. Sworn Punishment
5. Holy Inquisition
6. Growing Up
7. Human Rage
8. Technoligical Death
9. Star Dust
Last call

1991 Progressive Music Ltd.
M. Volois, I. Morgan, H. Proter, J. Valdez (On this album Valdez wrote lyrics, but he  wasn't a member of SoS yet.)

1. First Shot
2. Night Buzz
3. Skank Ho
4. Crying Liver
5. DWI (Driving While Intoxicated)
6. Barfing
7. Hangover 
First trip

1994 Unlimited Music Ltd.
I. Morgan, F. Hanser, J. Tramold, W. Herlar

1. Tylenol #3
2. Reefer to Me
3. Charging Lithium
4. Happy Nitrous
5. Wild Shrooms
6. Dry Acid
7. Pee See Pee
8. Crystal Meth
9. Coca-in-me
10. Crack'in Purity
11. Heroic
12. Overdose

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